General Membrane SpA operates in the field of waterproofing materials for the building industry. The Company considers Quality and Flexibility as fundamental success factors, so it makes continuous investments in Human Resources, in Organization, in New Technology for both Production and Research & Development.

The progressive and uninterrupted growth of the quantities produced, of the turnover, of the penetration in the Italian market and the loyalty of the Customers confirm today the validity of this strategic decision.

These success factors have allowed the Company to deal with foreign markets with the necessary professionalism.

The spread of General Membrane Products in more than 60 Countries in all the Continents represents 40% of the entire production, confirming that the market identifies General Membrane as a Quality Company.
General Membrane SpA, moreover, operates in the photovoltaic sector, proposing waterproof and photovoltaic systems, for the production of clean electrical energy from roofs, confirming the constant commitment to the environment.


General Membrane designs Waterproofing Systems for Construction and produces Waterproofing Membranes based on polymer-modified distilled bitumen.

The range of waterproofing materials is extremely differentiated, to satisfy any need defined by the designer of the work.
Both classical membranes are available (elastoplastomeric-APP, elastomeric-SBS) and membranes based on polyalphaolefinic-APAO polymers of new generation.

All are supplied in the necessary variants in weight, thickness, length, surface finish and reinforcement (staple polyester, continuous thread, stabilized with glass, glass veil and glass fabrics, aluminum foils, etc.).
The range of colours in self-protected mineral surface finishing products is particularly wide, allowing the designer to coherently integrate the work into the external environment.

For special applications, fire-resistant products, anti-hail products, products for waterproofing hanging gardens, bridges and viaducts, tunnels and tunnels, water basins, canals, foundations, car parks and landfills have been developed.
The Thermo-Insulating Systems allow the designer to satisfy both the need for waterproofing and the need for thermal insulation on any type of surface (flat, corrugated, corrugated etc.).
Other special products available are: coupled systems, geotextiles, thermal insulators, primers, bituminous emulsions, protective paints and any other accessories necessary for the correct realization of the various Waterproofing Systems.

Moreover, since 2007, General Membrane SpA has also been active in the photovoltaic sector, proposing a photovoltaic waterproof system with total architectural integration.


General Membrane constantly invests significant resources in Scientific Research and in the Development of new materials and solutions for modern waterproofing - an activity that is certified as part of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Sophisticated equipment allows accurate analysis of bitumen, polymers and the behavior of various plastics in bitumen. The information deriving from the recognition of the materials, from the knowledge of their composition, their chemical-physical properties and their thermal behavior are of fundamental support for the Company in the creation of new products and production processes and in the control of existing ones.

The systems General Solar PV, General FIX and N.E.W. developed by the Research and Development of General Membrane testify to the Company's commitment in identifying new products, systems and technologies able to solve the needs of the new roofing functions.


Anchoring systems to technological structures on roof

The solution developed for anchoring traditional photovoltaic modules on the roof without damaging the roofing integrity.

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