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The website of General Membrane S.p.A., VAT No. 02647430277, with registered offices in Ceggia, Via Venezia 538, 30022, Italy, Email:, Tel. +39 0421 322 000, controller of your personal data pursuant to art. 4 letter f) of Regulation EU 2016/679 (general data protection regulation), refers you to this cookie policy page. In relation to the aforementioned data processing, the Data Controller provides the following information, in addition to the Privacy Policy of the website.  The various types of Cookies and the technology used on the B + B International website are described here, as a result of the requirements of the provision of the Data Protection Authority of May 2014, “Identification of simplified procedures for the policy and acquisition of consent for using cookies - May 8, 2014 (Published in the Official Journal No. 126 of June 3, 2014)” available at the web address, to describe the configuration methods and their conditions of use.


Cookies are small text files that the sites, visited by the users, send to their navigating device (usually a browser). They are saved in a specific browser folder while the user visits the website and then, resent to the same sites on subsequent visits.

They are used to improve browsing, save user preferences that have already been input (username, password, etc.), track user tastes and preferences, making it possible to manage targeted marketing initiatives or to provide services linked to the data controller’s activities, such as newsletters, service communications on the website etc.
If limits on their use are imposed, this will affect the website content use during consultation. The user can always preventively block or remove them from the browser cache, but these actions may prevent all the services offered by the web application from being used in full.


Session cookies are temporary files which only exist for the duration of the user’s browsing session. When the browser is closed, the session cookies expire. They are usually used to identify users when they access a site to remember the user and his/her preferences in switching from one page to another on the site and to provide specific information collected beforehand.

Persistent cookies are files which stay active even after the browser is closed and help the site remember data and user settings for subsequent consultation. This makes access quicker and more convenient in terms of time since the user does not have to re-enter data to access the site.

Technical cookies are essential for the correct use of our website. Without these cookies, users cannot browse the site and use some of its functions. These types of cookies are known as “technical”, i.e. session or permanent cookies and make it possible to remember, from one page to the next, the booking process and the information provided by the user.  Since these cookies are essential, if they are disabled, the use of the website content could be compromised and its use may be impossible or severely limited.

Profiling cookies are cookies that allow user profiles to be created in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user while browsing the internet; the use of these cookies requires the user's consent.

COOKIES on the website

In line with the standard practices of many websites, the website may install cookies on the computer used by the user.  By using the website, the user accepts the use of the technology employed by it, but he/she is also allowed to block or delete (in whole or in part) the cookies received.

While browsing the website of the data controller, you may also receive cookies from third parties, i.e. cookies from sites or servers of various third parties which, therefore, differ from those of, in particular:

Google Analytics: is a service offered by Google Inc. which generates detailed statistics on the traffic of a website and the source of the traffic. It is the most widely used statistics service. Google Analytics can monitor visitors coming from all links outside the website including search engines and social networks, direct visits and reference websites. It also displays advertising, pay per click, marketing emails, as well as internal links to PDF documents. To access the relevant policies: .

(Complete with cookies directed from the site)

Installing/uninstalling cookies. Browser options

Users can object to the registration of cookies on their device by configuring the browser they use: if they use the website without changing the browser settings, it is assumed that they intend to receive all the cookies used by the website and use all the features. Please note that users can prevent the use of some or all of the cookies described above by configuring the browser used for navigation, by following the specific instructions below:

• To disable cookies FIREFOX
• To disable cookies CHROME:
• To disable cookies INTERNET EXPLORER:
• To disable cookies SAFARI



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