The dimensioning

The General Membrane SpA Engineering Department has realized the dimensioning of the General Fix EVO and General Fix systems based on the application of the technological installation.

The calculation of the system wind uplift is carried out taking into account the position of the installation, the place, the building structure as well as the surrounding type of ground.

This calculation considers both the data gathered from the “Wind Tunnel” as well as the following applicable regulations:

  • Ministerial Decree dated 14.01.2008, Technical Regulations on Constructions (NTC)
  • Circular Letter dated 02.02.2009 No. 617, Instructions for the application of NTC
  • Eurocode 9, Design of Aluminium Structures

Anchoring systems to technological structures on roof

The solution developed for anchoring traditional photovoltaic modules on the roof without damaging the roofing integrity.

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