Bitumen membrane: General Fix EVO

Components and applications

General Fix EVO can be applied on both flat and inclined coverings waterproofed with existing or newly-made polymer-bitumen membranes.

The system consists of:

  1. Polymer-bitumen membrane band for fixing onto the covering waterproofing layer.

  2. Polymer-bitumen membrane band featuring a specific mixture developed by General Membrane SpA R&D Department to ensure outstanding adherence and cohesion properties over time. Fitted with a double removable silicone film.

  3. Aluminium profile for fixing photovoltaic modules or technological installations. Its  surface guarantees high adherence and resistance to uplift. The profile has a new structure with a central housing for accessories of connection to the base support.

  4. Slated membrane band used to complete the fixing system and to protect the underneath layers from UV rays, fitted with a removable silicone film on the lower side.


Anchoring systems to technological structures on roof

The solution developed for anchoring traditional photovoltaic modules on the roof without damaging the roofing integrity.

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